Nuru massage is like body to body massage

Do you know what Nuru massage is?

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For those looking for a new level of stimulation, Nuru massage is an excellent option. If you haven’t already, know that this therapy is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But if you’ve heard of this type of massage but aren’t sure what it is, don’t worry. In this Ninfa Blog post we explain what Nuru massage is. So read on!

What is nuru massage: Origin

First of all, in order to know what nuru massage is and understand what it consists of, it is important to talk about where this technique came from. That said, the origins of nuru massage are found in Japan, specifically in Kawasaki City. This term, “nuru”, comes from the Japanese, and its meaning is “slippery”.

But are we going to take an even closer look at its historical origins? Well, this is a type of massage that dates back to the 70s. It was during this period that the Japanese began to offer nuru massage as a full-service massage for men, being in fact a practice with an extremely intense sensual charge that quickly became popularized.

The techniques and tricks used have evolved to the present day. These techniques have been handed down for decades but have made nuru massage popular in many other countries around the world.

Discover what nuru massage is

Although Nuru massages may have started in Japan, they are now also offered throughout the western world. Even so, when it comes to sensitive massage, most people still think of traditional massage where only the hands are used to stimulate the person’s body.

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However, the reality is that this type of massage is more closely associated with nuru massage, which is practiced with the therapist’s body. In other words, the technique used is very different from the typical classic massage. After all, during the session, the therapist uses her entire body to massage the client. In this way, providing more body contact than in a traditional massage.

So, if you are curious to understand more about nuru massage, keep in mind that no other massage technique allows this direct contact, which makes it a unique and very pleasant rubbing sensation.

For this, an oil is applied generously and abundantly on the skin of the person and the therapist, until it can be applied over the entire body. This oil is usually clear, odorless, colorless and tasteless.

In addition, it must be hypoallergenic and have a very thick texture, but at the same time flexible, elastic and sticky, which is not quickly absorbed by the skin so as not to make it oily, but sufficient to develop techniques.

It is noteworthy, however, that nuru massages are not just for men. On the contrary, they are suitable for people of both sexes and all sexual orientations.





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